Life is not a Fairground – Makeover Monday

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Yes! I finally managed to participate in Makeover Monday.

This week was all about Fairground accidents, with a nice small data set.
You can see my finished dashboard below:

Life is not a Fairground.png


The original dashboard was published by Andy 6 years ago:

Fairground accident rates.png


What I tried to do today is to add a bit of colour, without going overboard. I also decided to look at some trends and added Table Calculations to indicate what’s happening over time.

I avoided bar charts after some deliberation because the fatal accidents make up such a small percentage that it’s really hard to see. Instead I opted for some custom shapes and some morbid black against candy-floss pink to distinguish the severity of the accident. Finally, I decided to customise the tooltips, because that’s just what I do :-).


I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge and am hoping for some exciting data, maybe with a bit more depth to it :-).

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