Makeover Monday – A sweet little story about Sugar

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First up: Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have woken up from the chocolate coma :-).
As I was sitting here, putting together my Story about the sugar tax data for this week’s Makeover Monday challenge, I was munching quite happily on a lunch containing a significant amount of carbohydrates, otherwise known as ‘sugar’.

In fact, my lunch contained 260g of glorious sugar, but before you get worried, don’t be. 500g of green grapes as an entree, followed by 700g of potato and 300g of corn and peas. (Yup, that’s 1,200 calories, I know you checked 😉 ). So plenty of fibre, water and other healthy stuff to make sure this ‘sugar’ keeps me nourished and happy, not crashing and burning.

Before I get side tracked talking about the difference between refined sugar and natural sugar, let’s get to the visualisation!

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge uses a dataset about the consumption of added sugar by age group and sugar source. You can find the data on Andy’s blog.

The ‘inspiration’ for the challenge was a BBC article on the Sugar tax.

This week I decided to use Tableau’s ‘Story’ feature rather than dashboards, mostly because the dataset was quite small and I just wanted to focus on different aspects of it rather than showing relationships between lots of different things.

I used a few custom shapes for easy recognition. I liked using shoes to indicate different age groups for the children’s data as it makes it a bit more personal and I would certainly like for people to consider what they feed their children. My viz may never reach any of them, but if the sugar tax debate makes some parents out there take more responsibility and helps them remove rubbish from their shopping trolley, I’m all for it!

I don’t have much else to add at this point, the story is really in the data, so here we go…


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