Makeover Monday – A West to East Perspective on Diversity and Integration in the USA

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Keeping it simple this week as I am holidaying in New Zealand at the moment :-).

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge looks at diversity and integration in US cities. The original article is really interesting and I liked the neighbourhood maps showing diversity and integration/segregation.

After putting together a couple of charts to get a better feel for the dataset, I decided to provide a West vs East overview as there appeared to be a pattern with Western vs Eastern states of the US.

I tried to reflect this ‘divide’ in my visualisation by arranging the charts accordingly.

In terms of colours I have used yellow and grey rather than green and red or orange and blue. I wanted to find neutral ground and not stereotype the data points with colours. Grey seemed like a good choice for a non-diverse environment, while yellow to me reflects opportunity and harmony (through integration, hopefully).

Without further ado, here’s the result…

Diversity and Integration

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