Leaving Australia

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There’s no place like home

according to Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And I think she’s got a point.


When I embarked on my initial adventure on 1 November 2004 to visit New Zealand, travel the country, work on some farms and experience what it’s like at the other end of the world, I never anticipated that I would still be ‘down under’ 11.5 years later.

Paul and me, 11 1/2 years ago


Paul and me now

The initial 3 month trip turned into a year and from there turned into an open-ended move to New Zealand and a later relocation to Australia. And only 15 months ago, both Paul (my husband) and I were determined to stay in Australia long-term. We had considered a move to Germany to be closer to my family, but couldn’t see a viable way to make it work with jobs/careers etc.

A visit from my parents last year in February changed all of that as they offered Paul the opportunity to run their business which meant we would have a realistic chance of a dual-income and long-term stability, etc. So we decided that we’ll give it a go and that we’ll move to Germany in 2016 to be closer to my immediate and extended family, our friends over there, as well as the exciting hub that is Europe.

And now the time has come – 25 May marks our departure day. We’re currently working through all the necessary arrangements that come with closing one chapter of your life, relocating to another country/continent/hemisphere, and planning a couple of holidays in the process.

Leaving Sydney and Australia with its very pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, laid-back culture, outdoorsy lifestyle and high salaries was not an easy decision, to be honest.


Leaving this…


…and this…


… and this view from our apartment


But having missed the birth of 9 children in my extended family, 5 weddings, countless birthdays, family gatherings and a couple of funerals, has made me realise that being close to family is more important to me than fancy hotels, 6 months of summer weather, endless beaches and inner-city living.

And there are nice beaches in Europe as well…

Not a beach, but at least a bridge with a sunrise…

So what’s the plan from here? We both have a couple of weeks left at work before we pack up the rest of our belongings and move out of our apartment. On our way home we’ll have a 3 day stop in Bangkok to enjoy a bit of South East Asia, eat lots of Pad Thai, super sweet pineapples and mangoes and work on our tan before we land in Munich on 29 May.

June will be spent in southern France, just relaxing, playing tourists and for me doing a lot of cycling and swimming as I prepare for Challenge Roth (swim and bike) in July.

July will be all about family, with a big birthday party for my parents, visiting friends and settling into our new place in Bamberg.

Bamberg has a few cool things too…


We will get to buy fresh bread in the morning from this place, for example

There is also an ironman distance triathlon to complete together with a friend, who is kindly doing the run part so I don’t have to.

August is when things get serious and I will start work. I am excited to be joining Exasol as their Tableau Evangelist, which will see me continuing to contribute to the Tableau community, working with talented people, and creating value for our clients.

To say I am excited about what’s ahead is an understatement. The next 3 months will include big changes, big moves and big hugs. And I can’t wait!

If you’re interested in our journey, please feel free to check out Paul’s blog, where he describes it all and shares photos, stories, tips and updates on what’s going on.

In the meantime, I will try to keep blogging as much as I can, especially about Tableau, because there are so many ideas racing around in my head, I just need to find the time to write them all down :-)…

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