A bit of travelling

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As I – somewhat reluctantly – join the ‘self quantification’ movement I decided to document all the trips away from home I undertook in 2016. This data was very aggregated and basically just contained the destination city, country, the month of travel, the purpose (business/leisure) and the number of days I was away for. Keeping it nice and simple.

I wanted to visualise this data to see how much I had actually done in the past year and to my surprise I spend a staggering 110 days away from home in 2016… That’s a fair bit.


The above dashboard was done in Tableau, of course :-). But because Tableau Public doesn’t yet support custom fonts, I couldn’t upload it with my own handwriting as the chosen font, so for publishing purposes I changed it back to the default.

If you want to check out the interactive viz, click on the below picture…


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