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One of my Tableau clients in Australia also, like many similar organisations, used Alteryx. They love it so much, they called it ‘All the Tricks’ instead.

I like that name a lot and one of my goals for 2017 is to find out many more of Alteryx’s capabilities, because so far I haven’t even really scratched the surface.

Makeover Monday admittedly is the perfect platform for me to improve my Alteryx skills because I not only have to find the data for 26 weeks of makeovers, but also sometimes clean it up, reshape it, etc.
And some datasets and stories are so intriguing that they lead me to do further analysis.

So far, my Alteryx workflows have been limited to a bit of reshaping, cleaning up data and bringing together different sources. What I really want to get my head around are the spatial tools so I can enrich datasets with geographical data.

I’ve recently had some help from Philip Riggs who helped me get a shapefile sorted out and turned into a Tableau data extract for further analysis. Thanks Philip!

There is a lot to learn for me when it comes to Alteryx, but I can see huge potential for the tool to not only improve my own data analysis and visualisation projects, but also help me share more fun datasets and some how-to guides with the wider dataviz community.

For now, I have to get back to my current Alteryx workflow, because Viz Club is happening next week and I need to get the data ready…

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