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The year is only 11 days old, but what a blast it has been so far! Since joining Andy Kriebel in running #MakeoverMonday it’s fair to say I’ve been incredibly busy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because seeing everyone’s weekly visualisations has been fun and encouraging.It is great to see the increasing level of engagement from the Tableau community and the enthusiasm of people getting involved.

Join us – and bring a friend

Just yesterday I caught up with Andy Cotgreave who stated a little while ago that he loves seeing people’s tweets that start with “My first #MakeoverMonday submission…”. And I totally get it! Especially after – not that long ago – being reluctant to publish my own work for everyone to see.

It takes a bit of courage to put yourself out there, because you may receive feedback you weren’t quite ready for. On the other hand it is a huge opportunity for everyone to practice their analysis and data visualisation skills while growing their Tableau/professional network and developing a portfolio of visualisations which can come in handy further down the track.

You have probably also seen a number of debates this week around last week’s data and visualisations. I will provide a bit of commentary on that topic in Friday’s summary blog on the Makeover Monday website.

Getting social in the Makeover Monday community

What I want to highlight in this post, however, is the gradual emergence of little micro Tableau communities around #MakeoverMonday. Again, more on this topic will come from us on the Makeover Monday website, but I want to point out a few cool initiatives I have seen popping up and would love to hear from you if you are involved in something similar or would like to get it started wherever you are in the world…

The team around Joshua Tapley are very involved in Makeover Monday and a lot of them participated in all 52 challenges in 2016. Pooja Gandhi even scored a job in the team based on her dataviz portfolio.

On Boxing Day 2016 (yes, on Boxing Day…) 11 keen dataviz enthusiasts met in Philadelphia to do Makeover Monday live with Andy…

Of course who could forget the Makeover Monday live session in Austin at Tableau Conference?

And Andy even got up at an ungodly hour to join the Sydney TUG to talk about Makeover Monday…

Benefits of ‘vizzing together’

Just this week as I am spending a few days in London for work, I got to be part of our first ‘Live Makeover Monday’ of 2017. I headed over to The Data School and we all spent a good hour building our visualisations for week 2.

One great benefit of the session was the opportunity for everyone to ask questions along the way. This helped people avoid making mistakes with the dates (fiscal vs calendar year), identify that 2007 only contains 2 quarters and shouldn’t be used as a baseline for comparison with whole years (4 quarters) and figure out pesky formatting challenges. All while having a few good laughs along the way.

At the end of the session everyone presented their visualisation (note: whenever you do anything with Andy K, be prepared to present to the group afterwards…) and it was great to see the unique approaches everyone took and the resulting styles of visualisations. A quick upload and tweet and another 10 Makeover Monday data visualisations were submitted.


My friend, Matt Francis, hosts weekly Makeover Monday sessions at his work and provides his colleagues with an opportunity to have a ‘Tableau Doctor’ session at the same time.

And just this morning I found out about another great initiative called MM Data Camp where people get together for their Makeover Monday work.

I love hearing these stories and want to encourage you to ‘try this out at home’. Grab your favourite colleagues or data viz friends, find a meeting room, dining table or local pub, bring your laptops, order pizza and have fun with data.

As mentioned above, I will pick this idea up on our official Makeover Monday website, so stay tuned for more details.

Until then, happy vizzing and let us know what you get up to 🙂


  1. Simply amazing! I’m so excited to see so many people using this as a learning opportunity, and even more exciting is that they’re letting everyone know about it. Thanks for writing this!

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