10 days in London

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Just after closing out a travel-intensive 2016, I was able to start the new year with a week-long business trip to London. And thanks to a public holiday in Bavaria I managed to turn this trip into a 10 day stay in what has become one of my favourite cities.

This time I took Paul along so he could go exploring and finally visit one of the cities he had learned so much about in school and while growing up in New Zealand.

Overall it was a really good trip here and I enjoyed combining business with the opportunity to be a tourist, because I usually don’t have much time to see the places I travel to for work.

A major annoyance was the fact that my suitcase never arrived (still no sign of it) but after a bit of shopping on Oxford St I had prepared myself for a week of meetings with partners and customers as well as events I planned to attend while here.

Meeting with our customers and partners is always stimulating as we discuss how we can work together even better to make the most of the chosen technologies.

I was able to have a number of excellent discussions with people from Tableau Software and Alteryx and am excited about what’s ahead for ‘The EAT Stack’. I also got to attend VizClub

and catch up with many of my Tableau friends (something I seem to be doing every time I am here, I feel like I’m repeating myself πŸ˜‰ ).


After kicking off Makeover Monday 2017 on January 2, this week saw Andy and me do a live Makeover Monday at the Data School. There were 10 of us in the room and I really enjoyed vizzing together. It’s something I hope to get many more opportunities to do in the coming weeks and months.

My traveller highlights included our visit to Westminster Abbey, seeing Phantom of the Opera, playing ping-pong at Marble Arch and running along the Thames while taking in the numerous sights on a cold winter morning. Catching up with my Deloitte buddies from many years ago was really fun, too!



So long, London. It’s been fun once again and I look forward to returning in a couple of weeks…



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