How to add short hyperlinks to your Tableau workbook

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Here is a quick tip for everyone who uses hyperlinks in their Tableau workbooks but wants them to be short and neat. This may especially be useful for the #MakeoverMonday community as we ask people to state the data source information on their published vizzes and we always provide a link to the data source on our website.


There are a couple of options for including hyperlinks and taking the viewer to the relevant website.

  1. Add a text box to your viz and paste the full hyperlink into itfull-link
  2. Add a calculated field containing the relevant text you want to display in a worksheet, then add the worksheet to your viz/dashboard and add a URL actiontext-link
  3. Use a transparent image and float it on top of the text, image or area of your viz that you want to link, then add a URL action to the transparent image


For the purpose of this blog, I will explain option 2, because I think it will be most useful for people.

How to do it

  • create a new calculated field which contains the text you want to display. For this example, I will use my Twitter handle @TriMyData
  • drag your newly created dimension onto a new worksheet as Text
  • format the text so it will be easily recognised as a hyperlink: font colour #0000EE, underline
  • add the worksheet to your dashboard (e.g. at the bottom as a footer)
  • remove tooltip and command buttons from the worksheet
  • add a URL action using the relevant hyperlink
  • Done!

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