Triathlon Training Tuesday

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Who doesn’t love an alliteration? After Makeover Monday it’s time for Triathlon Training Tuesday.

Having gathered lots of training data and previously visualized the epic feats, the emotional times and the ‘daily grind’, I have decided to revisit my data for some new vizzes and to gain more insights.

My first project is the below viz of the fitness test I did recently. As I am about to team up with a new coach, I needed to complete a swim, bike and run time trial so he can assess my current level of fitness and to establish a benchmark against which we can track my performance over time.

With this in mind I created the dashboard. It isn’t as visual as I would usually like, but Michael needs the exact results, rather than bar charts and line charts.

I also didn’t build this for interactivity, but rather to provide a snapshot for every assessment.

I started from a paper version before creating the final one in Tableau…



(click the image to view on Tableau Public)


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