How to take your #MakeoverMonday submission to the next level…

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It’s the little things that can make a big difference and I want to provide you with a few suggestions on how you can make your submission shine.

But I’m not talking about the viz itself or your analysis, that’s what we’re covering in the weekly summary blog posts on

What I want to focus on here are the other things. They will help you draw attention to your viz as you publish it on Tableau Public, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They will also help Andy and me see your viz as part of the weekly stream of submissions. And hopefully these tips also make it easier for you to join the conversation on Twitter and grow as part of the Tableau community.

Create your perfect #MakeoverMonday submission

Let’s get into it. You have probably (hopefully) read the guidelines on our website, but if not, the ‘admin’ things I want to call out here are:

  • Post an image to Twitter with the
  • Hashtag #MakeoverMonday

The Image

The image is important for these reasons:

  • we don’t look at the Tableau Public link in 90-95% of the cases, not because we’re mean, but simply because we don’t have time to do that for 130+ vizzes a week and Tableau Public on a mobile browser is a very poor experience unless you have designed your viz for mobile (size)
  • the image is getting pinned to the Pinterest board as a way to create a collection of all the vizzes over time, but also to automatically feed a Google Sheets spreadsheet which tracks the submissions for our dashboard. No image, no tracking
  • the image will result in many more interactions by other users. They want to see what you have done, make it easy for them to do so
  • you can tag people in the image. This saves characters which on Twitter come at a premium… Tagging Andy and me in the picture isn’t so much an ego boost for us but rather helps us see your viz easily, because we don’t need to search through the #MakeoverMonday hashtag and find it.
    Anything you can do to save us time in the process is much appreciated 🙂

For your image, there are very easy way’s to get it just right. Yes, you can take a screenshot, but even better is to just export the image of your worksheet or dashboard from Tableau.

  • Image of a single worksheet
    • From the top menu select ‘Worksheet’ then ‘Export’, ‘Image’ and select ‘View’ only, before saving it on your computer for use on Twitter etc.


  • Image of an entire dashboard
    • From the top menu select ‘Dashboard’ then ‘Export Image…’, before saving it on your computer for use on Twitter etc.


What’s the benefit of this approach?

  • your images will show everything. With screenshots that require you to drag a rectangle over your selection, some areas of the viz can easily be cut off. Exporting the image ensures you have everything there
  • it’s a more conscious process, I think, and won’t be as rushed as a quick screenshot, so it’s another opportunity to look at your viz as you do the export. It’ll be a more polished result in the end if you ask me 🙂


The Hashtag

Please include #MakeoverMonday in your Tweet, so we and others can find your submission.



This is optional, but I recommend it. Tag Andy (@VizWizBI) and me (@TriMyData) in your tweet or image (if you want to save characters) so we can find your work easier.

We use TweetDeck to manage our Twitter feeds and it helps a lot, because we can strip out the noise and get notifications targeted for tags and hashtags. Being tagged means it is more likely we will see your submission soon after you post it. It saves us time having to search through the feed of #MakeoverMonday hashtags, so it makes our lives easier and we appreciate anything that does that 🙂

Here is what TweetDeck looks like in action with ‘mention’ notifications on the left and ‘#MakeoverMonday’ notifications in the middle as well as the general Twitter feed on the right



A link to Tableau Public

Again, this is optional, but strongly recommended. If you create your viz in Tableau, then please publish it to Tableau Public so others can interact with it, download it and learn from it. It also helps you build your portfolio of vizzes over time.

If you don’t create your viz in Tableau, no problem, we still want you to participate and show us your work. We recently had a great submission done in PowerBi and there have been dashboards done using Excel and other tools.

Publish wherever works best for your tool (and for Tableau that is Tableau Public), then add the hyperlink in your tweet. Just make sure to still include the image 😉


What does it look like in practice?

If you follow the above steps, your submission will get noticed and we’ll have an easy time tracking it, pinning it and people can comment, share, etc. as part of the wider weekly discussion for each challenge.

I will leave you with some examples of tweets that are spot on…




  1. Hi Eva!

    I’m working with tableau public 10.2 but seems that the export dashboard option is not there, any ideas?


  2. Hi Eva,

    I’m using tableau public 10.2 and seems that the option to export a dashboard is not available, any ideas?



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