Race planning for 2017

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Yesterday evening I sent my race plan for the year to my coach. It wasn’t without hesitation because sending him a list of swimming, running and triathlon races made it all a bit more of a commitment and much more real than it had been so far.

Ever since Mexico I’ve just been doing my thing, training to keep fit but not focused on racing. That’s all going to change now as we’re heading into warmer weather and putting some actual races in the diary.

What’s the plan?

First up is a 10km race in 7 days, Saturday, 25 March. The last time I ran a 10km race was in 2010, so it will be rather interesting to see how it shapes up. After Thursday’s 10km training run, however, I’m feeling quietly confident that I can hit a good pace and run with a smile.

I might do a swim and run race nearby in early April but haven’t decided yet as it’s in a swimming pool followed by a road run and that just seems a bit weird 🙂

Next up will be, thanks to travel commitments that take me to Australia, an ocean swim at Bondi Beach in late April. I’m planning to race with my friends from the swim squad I used to train with when we lived in Sydney. Should be a whole lot of fun, followed by a nice breakfast in North Bondi, where they serve delicious porridge at a place called The Depot.

May is race-free at the moment but will likely be very busy at work as we’re ramping up for conference season.

In June I have a sprint triathlon planned in Windsor at the end of the month, which I might combine with a road trip around the countryside west of London if all goes to plan.

Just a couple of local races in July with all my focus being on Nationals and World Champs in September. European Champs in June may not happen as I don’t feel like I can dedicate enough prep time with work and travel commitments in the lead up to the race. But we will see…

As I’ve just been working with my new coach and his training plan for a couple of weeks, I am interested to see how I’ll progress over time. While the coming week is focused on swimming and cycling, the first week of April features 5 runs (lord have mercy!) and just one swim and one ride.

Also on my plan: start doing some strength training and finally get enough sleep. It’s all easy in theory but the excitements of daily life and all the ideas in my head do tend to get in the way a bit…

So what?

While the commitment is one thing, I will have to adjust my daily schedule to fit my training requirements. Hold on, that’s not quite correct, because we do aim to fit my training around work and life stuff. But that still means a bit more diligence on my part to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. I haven’t yet fully figured out the best way to streamline my laundry/food prep/bag packing processes, even though I’ve improved those a lot over the past months.

I might try to simply write a plan or a list for everything to remove the need to keep it all in my head. Dad will probably tell me to take it easy and relax and not be so serious about it. But ambitious goals do require a different level of commitment…



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