First bike commute of 2017 – visualized!

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A quick viz this evening after doing my first bike commute of the year this morning. Sounds like a big deal? Well, it kinda is.

My commute is 60km (37.3m) one way, so riding to work isn’t a quick dash across town, but rather a serious workout that requires planning and preparation.

I did it a few times last year, but with my required departure from home being around 5.15-5.30am on those days, I have been hanging out for warmer temperatures.

My coach made the decision for me by putting the commute on my training plan today, so I got everything ready to go last night, pumped up my tires, charged my lights, filled my drink bottle with freshly squeezed orange juice and went to bed early(ish). Strangely I tend to feel nervous before these rides to work. I suppose that, in contrast to normal longer training rides, the commute requires me to arrive at the office within reasonable proximity of 8am to allow for a shower etc. and if I get stuck with mechanical problems along the way, there is no pick up service by dad available, so I better fix it myself or be close to civilisation…

Anyway, with the alarm going off at 4.40am, my day started rather early and I left the house at 5.23am. 10min into the ride I noticed my front tire having a weird bulge and it turned out the tire had come off the rim a bit and the tube was poking out the side. Not good. Didn’t want to turn around, so I headed to the nearest car wash which had an air pump and sorted it out.

Back on the road and of course it was still pitch black. I know the route inside out, so I pushed for the first 25km until daylight really came and then enjoyed the slow sunrise behind the clouds as I crossed into ‘middle Franconia’ and watched the traffic on the roads as I rolled past.

I finished the trip without any major issues or delays and felt really pumped afterwards. The fresh (5 degree C) morning air blew out any tiredness and the ride just reminded me that cycling really is the best way to start (or finish, or break up) the day.

So I made a viz of my commute, in mobile format because the north to south journey lends itself to that…

(click to view on Tableau Public)

Bike commute


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