Makeover Monday, week 19 – Cars in the Netherlands

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And with this week’s dataset we’re back in Europe – in the Netherlands to be precise, looking at Dutch car registrations.

The original ‘viz’ is a simple list posted in this article.

What I like about it:

  • It’s a simple list and it is most likely that any reader can understand it
  • The list provides the actual number of cars registered
  • The list is short enough to read through easily
  • It is sorted by number of cars registered, in descending order

What I don’t like about it:

  • With all the data available from RDW, the authors could have created a much more informative, engaging and comprehensive visualisation
  • It’s just a list, how should I put these numbers into context, e.g. in comparison to previous years
  • Why just focus on exports and only in 2015?
  • Given the article in which the list is featured contains a lot of interesting information, it would have been great to include a number of visualisations to support the statistics and help the audience understand quite easily what the key insights are

What I did:

  • Again I went for a mobile design
  • Initially I wanted to create an app with multiple pages of information but my idea fell short given the data provided so I decided to instead focus on building up the information on a single mobile screen through a number of actions
  • For the colours I picked white, orange and grey to underline the focus being on the Netherlands
  • For the first time ever, I floated all my elements so I could place them exactly where I wanted them
  • I took an existing mobile app (Autos) as my inspiration for the layout
  • My design aims to get the audience interested in finding out more about a certain car brand and model by looking at the top 5 brands and models registered in a given year. From there, they can choose if they ‘Want one?’, which provides them with some specs of the car, before confirming that they want to ‘Buy One!’ which results in the catalogue price being displayed
  • As much as I wanted to create additional screens, in the interest of time I decided to keep it simple, have a single screen and get the actions and formatting right

And that’s my viz for the week – Cars in the Netherlands.

Click on the image to check out the fully interactive version on Tableau Public…

Car registrations in NL single

And this is how the actions take you from start to finish…

Car registrations in NL

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