Saying no to something exciting

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the German Triathlon Union informing me that I have been accepted into the national amateur team for the European Sprint Triathlon Championships in Düsseldorf at the end of June. Yay! Go me!

But I actually had to decline the offer, even though I really wanted to participate and race on home soil, wearing the German colours and feeling like the real deal for a day.


Well, to me representing my country is a big deal and I only want to do it after having properly prepared myself in training so that I can confidently line up at the start, knowing I’ve done everything I can to get there.

But by the end of June that’s not what I can achieve. With a number of conferences and events to prepare for in May, June and July which also involve travelling, sticking to a strict training plan will be difficult, especially when it comes to swimming (finding a pool) and cycling (getting my hands on a bike).

Rather than making excuses and not racing at all, I decided to tweak to my original plans and still race on June 25. Near Windsor instead of Düsseldorf, combining the race with a little trip to actually see a bit more of the country.


Between now and then I’m handing over the challenge of planning an appropriate training schedule to my coach. I’m sure he’ll get me ready for it and I’m excited to race in the UK, where they have a strong Triathlon community and (hopefully) some fierce competition to challenge me at the start of the season.

So yes, I am a bit sad to say no to European Champs, but for my own sanity and to not pile any more commitments onto myself during an already busy time, I decided to say no.

Feels like a big step, because I suck at saying no.

But I guess I still have national champs and world champs to look forward to in September, so it’s not the end of the world…

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