Makeover Monday week 20, 2017: Youth Employment in Latin America

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This week’s MakeoverMonday challenge was made extra exciting as we’re collaborating with #VizForSocialGood as well as the Inter-American Development Bank to give the community a chance to analyse Youth Employment data for Latin America.

Whether participants want to keep it short and sweet and participate ‘just’ in MakeoverMonday or stretch themselves further to create more elaborate dataviz stories for VizForSocialGood over the coming weeks, anything goes.

We and the IADB are excited to see what the community comes up with and the best work will be featured by the IDB to help them spread their message further.

We’re starting out with this viz in the original article.

Youth Employment LATAM original.png


What I like about it:

  • it is interactive: clicking on any of the industries in the colour legend, includes them in or excludes them from the viz. Hovering over a wedge of the chart shows the percentage value in the tooltip
  • the bright colours do look engaging and the lack of labels actually makes me try to interact with the viz. This is most likely because I’m expecting interactivity, though.


What I don’t like about it:

  • the title is confusing. ‘Where’ to me indicates some sort of geographical location, especially as there is mention of Latin America and the Carribean, but what is seemingly meant by ‘Where’ is actually ‘In which industry’
  • I’m missing context. What is the definition of ‘young people’? What is the data source? Is there more information about the ‘labour market’? What countries are included in this analysis? etc.
  • it’s a donut chart with many slices, which makes it hard to compare each industry by size.
  • the colours aren’t ideal wih the red/orange hues too similar for my liking.
  • removing items from the donlatam 2.pngut chart doesn’t change the percentages, so the whole circle can be made up by two items that don’t sum to 100%, which makes no sense and is possibly a limitation of the tool being used rather than something the author did
  • two of the sectors, Mining and basica services (utilities) are grouped together which doesn’t seem to make much sense
  • there is plenty of white space around the viz that could be used to effectively communicate the story about youth employment, or at least some angle on the topic.


What I did:

  • This week, more than anything, I wanted to keep it nice and simple. Partly because I like simple, but also because the collaboration and our live webinar mean a wider reach this week and I really want to point out that simplicity is key and nothing complex is expected for those participating in MakeoverMonday.
  • I went to Pinterest for inspiration on the topic in terms of layout and colours and came across this CV template:

Schicker Lebenlauf, Kurz-CV... Von Päda.logics! gefunden auf der Pinwand von Creative Market. Beratungen im pädagogischen und sozialen Berufsfeld: oder

  • I really like the design of it and decided to replicate this style for my dashboard
  • We have geographical information (countries) in the data, but I didn’t want an interactive map, because it wouldn’t add much to the viz. Instead I chose to use the geo information to create a map of the region and place it as an image above the title
  • For my colour scheme I stuck to a monochromatic colour palette of white and black and greys, to keep with the CV idea.
  • I added a number of text elements to build out the story components of my viz, as well as icons and website links to the dataviz projects involved, the data source and my twitter account for further information
  • My actual dataviz consists of a single bar chart and four large numbers. That is all. The rest is done through formatting and interactivity.

Click to view interactive version

Week 20 my viz


  1. Hello Eva,

    I’ve commented here a few months ago asking you for some advice about getting my hands in Tableau Make Over Monday. I never get to thank you for your answer and for that I am very sorry.

    I have finally managed to lose some fear of looking at the data sets and stripping the insights out of it, although not very successfully (I guess I’m not particularly good at extracting good insights from the data…)

    This week I’ll start participating in Make Over Monday on a regular basis, but I do have some questions about the data set of this week.

    Are we supposed to trust in the data?

    In the original article, they say “Unemployment affects young people more than adults (25-64 years)”, but this is not true, based on the data set. We have unemployment rates of 58,46% for the 25-65 group.
    Also, they say that “In Latin America and the Caribbean there are 108 million young people between 15 and 24 years of age.” But the data set gives us only 100,578,063 for the total population of 15-24.

    Am I missing something here?




    1. Hi Esther,
      great to hear you’ve decided to join us, so welcome to the MakeoverMonday community.

      To your questions: Yes, you can trust and use the data as it is. It was provided to us by the IADB. You’re right in that the numbers don’t fully align with the data, so I suggest you base your analysis on the data rather than the accompanying article, because they may have included additional dataset to arrive at the numbers described in the text



    2. Hi Esther, Could you please share Eva’s advice about getting your hands in Tableau Make Over Monday. It will be very helpful.


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