Makeover Monday, week 24: Turner or Not Turner?

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While I may have returned to Germany after last week’s #data17 Tableau Conference on Tour in London, for #MakeoverMonday we’re staying in London for another week.

The data comes from the Tate CollectionTate Collection and contains metadata of the artwork owned or jointly owned by Tate.

The original viz is a simple pie chart looking at art work by William Turner versus other artists.

week 24 original.png

Not knowing what exact tables the author included, our dataset does provide different numbers, but I picked the pie chart as a starting point because makeovers of pie charts are always fun.

What I like about it:

  • It’s very very simple. Two slices, two colours
  • The labels provide detail that can be lost in a pie chart where areas are always hard to interpret unless they are simple shapes like halves or quarters
  • The colours, while not very exciting, are okay as they are distinct enough


What I don’t like about it:

  • The chart was done in Excel which gives it that very basic Excel viz look. Not a huge fan of that
  • The colours could be changed to relate better to the topic at hand
  • I don’t care much about the shadow effect at the bottom of the circle
  • I would like to see more content provided on the actual viz, i.e. what is the timeframe the data relates to, etc.
  • The legend could have been incorporated into the viz because there is plenty of space on the actual pie chart


What I did:

  • I wanted to focus on a subset of the data and was really intrigued about the mediums used by Turner as well as the format
  • As Turner favored portrait layout over landscape, I also wanted to make sure my viz layout was portrait
  • I stuck, like many other, to a simple colour scheme or greys with a bit of brown for the final section, as most of the landscape artwork is scenic
  • Incorporating big numbers more effectively is something I want to focus on more and more


week 24 makeover

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