Tri Travel – first triathlon of 2017

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Finally the time has come to race again. My last triathlon was in mide September 2016 in Mexico and thanks to the German winter and spring temperatures it really does take until about May for the first races to come into the calendar.

So anyway, I decided to make my season debut not somewhere convenient and local, but near Windsor at Dorney Lake and to combine the race with a bit of travelling over a long weekend.

This will be my 8th trip to London this year but because I always travel there for business, I never get a chance to play tourist. This weekend, where I’ve taken Friday and Monday off, there will be time to explore a bit of the city but more likely the countryside west of the capital and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve booked a car to get to the race from our Air BnB and to head out and about while we’re there. I actually can’t quite remember the last time I really did touristy stuff, so it’s well overdue.

Getting ready for this race has been challenging because hitting all my training targets while travelling a lot for work and filling my schedule with exciting projects and ideas can sometimes be impossible. But we’ll see how it goes. The last 2-3 weeks of training have been very good and I look forward to seeing the hard work pay off and getting a benchmark for my current form as we head towards the next few races.

But first I have to get there. I’m currently at Munich airport, waiting for a delayed alternative flight after my original one was cancelled. Let’s hope I’ll make it to London 🙂

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