The triathlon that wasn’t

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What you should be reading in this blog today is a recap of my race on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was unable to start my third triathlon season injury free and very stupidly slipped on the stairs on Saturday morning, resulting in a wicked bruise and a suspected cracked or bruised 11th and 12th rib. So no race and no glory.

The whole point of spending too much money on travelling to London for 4 days over the weekend was to participate in a great looking first race of the season for me, but clearly it wasn’t to be.

Each of my racing seasons has started with or involved a semi-serious injury in the past, so I’m used to dealing with it and I will. It is frustrating and sets me back as I can’t train at full capacity, but I expect to still be okay for September’s big showdown.

I still went for a few bike rides over the weekend. They were a bit painful, whenever I rode up a hill, stopped, started, got on or off my bike, but still worth it.

So I figured I should share some pictures (click on them to see additional images) from the weekend, which featured lots of sunshine, parks, a couple of castles and time spent with Paul and my London friends.


Paul and I headed to the city where I recorded a webinar with Andy while Paul went shopping and played tourist


We spent an evening with friends, eating, drinking and talking until 2.30am…


We went to Windsor to get some use out of the rental car (now I want a new Toyota RAV4…)


A final spin around Richmond Park before Paul went into the city for a few more days and I flew back to Germany for work

Oh well, there will be other chances to race and I certainly had an enjoyable weekend in and around London. I am a bit annoyed when looking at the race results, because all going to plan (no mechanical issues or crashed) I would have certainly made the podium this time round. I’ll be even hungrier for it all next time…


    1. Haha thank you, Andy. The party was lots of fun. Thanks again for hosting it and thanks to your family for putting up with all those visitors in your house


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