Makeover Monday week 27, 2017: Tourism in Berlin and Brandenburg

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After an eventful week on the road, travelling from London via Munich to Frankfurt (Makeover Monday live #1), followed by Nuremberg and Hamburg (Makeover Monday live #2), I made it to Berlin, where we will be hosting a Makeover Monday live event today, 3 July, before the Exasol Xperience 2017 customer and partner conference kicks off.

I get exhausted just reading that, so let’s look at this week’s challenge. Andy kindly picked some local data, tourism statistics for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. The original viz shows a map of Berlin and Brandenburg, shaded with a gradient of horseradish to dark mustard brown and lets you select different metrics and a region.

week 27 original.png


What I like about it:

  • it’s interactive and as I hover over the map I get more information for the chosen metric
  • I can choose what metric I want to look at
  • the colour legend is nice and close to the viz so I can refer to it easily
  • separating Berlin city from Brandenburg and ‘zooming in’ on it, helps see more detail
  • when choosing a metric, there is a small definition listed below it


What I don’t like about it:

  • the colours. They look gross. They’re the kind of colours that kids have in their crayon set and never use
  • while it helps to see the details of Berlin city in the separate map on the bottom left, at first I was confused by the white centre in the large map which I couldn’t click on
  • the tooltips don’t tell a story, they just list a number, but don’t provide helpful context or even remind me of what I’m looking at
  • it would be helpful to have more context for each metric, i.e. how was the data gathered, what is included/excluded, etc. For example, are nights counted per person or per room…


What I did:

  • As Andy provided an English and a German version of the datasets, I opted to create my first ever Tableau viz in German. (while I’m perfectly fluent in my own language, I had to remind myself to stick to German as I wrote tooltips and annotations, because I’m so used to doing it all in English)
  • I started by analysing guest numbers and built a small multiple chart. From there I decided to look at countries of origin and eventually filtered down to European countries except for Germany

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I found Italy to be an interesting standout in August because there is a significant spike in visitors to Berlin
  • From there I built my story, suggesting that while ‘all the Germans’ spend their August summer holidays at Italian beaches, the Italians are coming to the German capital.
  • I added a reference band to make the August figures stand out more compared to the rest of the months and added some annotations and formatted my tooltips


Click on the image to interact



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