Makeover Monday, week 28 2017: Le Tour de France

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In the world of cycling, July is when France becomes the centre of the grand spectacle that is ‘Le Tour’.

I figured it would be nice to challenge our Makeover Monday community to create some data visualizations of a dataset which admittedly took me a few hours to put together as I needed to dig around to find all the metrics across the years and additional information where my original sources had gaps. Most of the data work happened during the drive home from Berlin after Xperience2017.

And it was all inspired by this uninspiring viz of the winners’ average speeds over the years:


The chart is part of a larger page that features an eclectic mix of visualizations showing various aspects of the data.


What I like about it:

  • It is very simple
  • The axes are clearly labeled
  • The title tells me what I’m looking at
  • The gridlines provide me with a reference as my eyes move across the chart


What I don’t like about it:

  • The title isn’t very engaging and while it may be obvious, why not mention the trend of speeds getting faster?
  • The dots at every data point (individual year) make the line look a bit messy
  • There is no gap for the years of WW1 and WW2 wen there were no races held, this makes it look a bit odd as the spikey pattern is interrupted by longer lines that connect points across years
  • So what? What do I do with this information and how can I relate it to other information provided?


What I did:

  • Line charts with breaks. This required me to literally ‘phone a friend’ and Adam Crahen came to the rescue with his trick of using a Makedate function and an index so that I could have a line chart with continuous years (so they ALL display), but with gaps for WW1 and WW2 years. Thanks Adam!
  • Okay, so aside from line charts with breaks there are only some BIG ASS NUMBERS on the viz, the rest is text boxes and an image.
  • I wanted to tell a brief story, provide an overview of the Tour de France from its beginnins to today and show some of the changes.
  • Inititally I had the Eiffel Tower picture floating over everything and I liked the alignment but it meant my tooltips were hidden by the floating image. I cannot wait for transparent sheets so they can be in the foreground and images can still be seen…

    week 28 makeover 2.png
    the floating image prevented interactivity on the viz
  • In the end I settled for a smaller Eiffel Tower image and filled the space in the middle with the names of all the winners over the years, sorted by the most recent year in which they won. I had actually build an LOD calc to size the names according to the number of wins and sort them by year but this only works as a word cloud and word clouds are always landscape format but I needed portrait format, so I scratched that idea
  • and here is the final viz – click to interact

week 28 makeover 1.png


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