Makeover Monday – week 31, 2017: The SEA Games Singapore

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For week 31 we’re looking at historical sports data for the SEA Games which are about to kick off for the 29th time.

The original viz is an infographic that looks like this:



What I like about it:

  • At first glance it looks engaging and interesting with its bright colours and icons
  • Big icons and numbers make the information easy to digest
  • Flags help with quick recognition (if you know each country’s flag…)


What I don’t like about it:

  • I can’t see a real story, the individual tiles of information don’t have a connection, it’s just a collection of stats
  • Too much colour and decoration ends up distracting me from the actual information
  • I keep wondering ‘so what?’ – what’s the aim of this viz? Should I just look at it and that’s it? Or do they want me to engage further? Should I bother watching the SEA Games? The viz doesn’t make it sound like a particularly interesting event…


What I did:

  • I didn’t like the dataset, I have to admit. Lots of fields with lots of stuff in it I wasn’t interested in. To find a story I decided to look at counts of sports, people, etc. but couldn’t see anything too interesting, so I checked out the dates of birth filtering for the oldest and youngst competitor.
  • Googling a guy called Adam Yoong Hanifah let me hit the jackpot and so my story evolved around him and his siblings who are showing up and scoring medals at the tender ages of 7-10.5 years old (at the time).
  • A simple bar chart, some BANs and little medal circles, a bit of text and formatting, and my viz was done in about 70min. Could have done it in 60min if I didn’t have such a painful time with resizing containers………

And here is the viz… click to view on Tableau Public

week31 makeover

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