Makeover Monday, week 33 2017: The Timing of Baby Making

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In week 11 we looked at the likelihood of orgasms. In week 33 we’re tackling data about the Timing of Baby Making. Maybe it’s a good thing that there is no week 55, who knows what Andy would dig up for us.

Admittedly though, the viz for this week’s makeover is really cool, with very slick interactivity so if you haven’t yet checked out the original article, head over there and play around (pun intended).

Let’s look at the original viz more closely:

week 32.jpg

What I like about it:

  • The interactivity and hover actions are very slick and the annotations on the side of the interactive version (check the website) are really good in supporting the viz

week 32 2.png

  • Minimal use of colour to highlight key points in the data
  • Clean and uncluttered design, everything on the viz is meant to be there and serves a purpose
  • Great use of icons for filtering different type of events
  • The annotations on the right demonstrate the analysis that has gone into this viz


What I think could be improved:

  • The title is a bit generic. Given that the interactive version comes with the question of whether or not hurricane Sandy impacted birth rates, why not use that question in the title or subtitle?
  • The overall design is great, yet the filters at the top are a bit underwhelming. There may not be an option to customise their design, I just think they are a bit boring and standard compared to the rest of the viz
  • While the choice of two highight colours works really well, I would suggest that blue and pink in the context of babies and birth rates strongly suggests an association with boys/girls, so could be misinterpreted in this viz as having something to do with the sex of the children being born.


What I did:

  • I challenged myself to complete the viz in under an hour because I wanted to go eat ice cream… I almost succeeded, except for some pesky formatting, but 70min is still acceptable
  • As the original was very interactive and comprehensive, I decided to focus on Suffolk County, NY and the Hurricane Sandy story.
  • I wanted to call out the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a baby boom following Hurricane Sandy and that, in fact, birth rates are trending down in Suffolk County, NY (thanks Andy for your help with the single trend line)
  • I really like the idea of using a single colour for highlighting, so gave that one a go and while the viz is pretty busy, I feel that each component should be there. Feel free to let me know though if you disagree 🙂

Week 33 makeover.png

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