Makeover Monday week 36, 2017: The UN SDG Action Campaign

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For this week’s Makeover Monday we’re collaborating with #VizForSocialGood and the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, looking at survey data from their MyWorld survey which analyses people’s perceptions on progress towards sustainability goals that were set in 2015 by world leaders.

The original viz comes from the SDG campaign and focuses on Question 2 of their survey, looking at the top 6 goals:

week 36 original.png


What works well:

  • at first glance, the colours make this an engaging viz and the brightness has me interested
  • The icons on each chart relate the goals back to the overall branding being used by the action campaign around these goals
  • the use of filters lets viewers customise the results to their area of interest
  • ranking goals helps show their overall importance to the different demographic groups


What doesn’t work so well:

  • the colours are often very similar and without the icons in the bump chart I find it nearly impossible to relate back to the 17 goals listed at the top
  • without the vertical bar chart, I wouldn’t know be able to see the detail for the 17 goals at one glance
  • the bump chart is split up into 4 panes, one for each demographic subset, but it looks like a single bump chart which I find confusing. I would prefer it to be just by gender or by age, etc
  • what does this tell me and what does it mean to me? What’s the takeaway message?


What I did:

  • admittedly, I kept myself rather busy getting the collaboration to this point and didn’t set aside enough time to work on my viz. Add to that a busy weekend of travelling and racing and here I am, Monday night, struggling to finish. Yup, I’m breaking my own rule and apologising before I’ve even shown you my work
  • My initial plan was to create a bump chart that would be easier to read and interpret, but I didn’t even have enough time for that
  • Then I wanted to analyse the different survey methods, but rather than specifying ‘mobile’ in the data set, as promised in the data definitions, the data set has web and online, as well as offline. I can assume based on the response patterns that web should be ‘mobile’ but I am not comfortable basing my analysis on such assumptions, so…
  • … I focused on age groups and the overall number of responses and decided on a simple bar chart that shows that the older folks (all of you above 45 years…) need to get onto this survey and make their opinions heard…


(click to view on Tableau Public)week 36 makeover.png

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