Makeover Monday week 37, 2017: Stolen Bikes in the UK

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As I was travelling to London this morning with my bike in a big bag en route for my next and final race of the season this Sunday, the Makeover Monday challenge for week 37 seems to be right on topic: Stolen Bikes in the UK.

Let’s have a look at the original viz…

week 37 original.png


What works well:

  • maps draw people in and encourage interactivity and engagement with the topic
  • showing the actual number values
  • tooltips provide additional information
  • you get an idea of the significance of the problem by seeing the many (or few) dots on the map


What could be improved:

  • the map needs a proper title and description
  • ‘incidents’ should probably be called ‘reported incidents’ given that apparently 75% of people don’t contact the police, so the actual number of incidents is likely to be much higher than the stats shown
  • a definition of what constitutes a ‘positive outcome’ will help put the percentages into context

What I did:

  • the first viz I created was just text and BANs, something I put together on the train from the airport to our London office. The look on Andy’s face when I showed him before publishing told me in very clear terms that it was just not good enough. So I went back to a blank dashboard…
  • I love a map, especially a mapbox map, so I picked one as my background, used my existing BANs to tell a brief story about bike theft in the UK and added each case of reported bike theft as a circle on the map
  • I chose orange as the colour for my data points to resemble a strava map which cyclists would find familiar


week 37 makeover

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