Makeover Monday Week 42, 2017: Formula E

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It’s still Monday somewhere in the world. I’m in Seattle and it is 22.30pm, so I’m good.

In the interest of time (or lack thereof), let’s get straight to it. This week we’re looking at Formula E data, which will come in handy when we run a Makeover Monday live session at the Munich TUG on Thursday, hosted by Audi.

Our original Viz is the ranking of Formula E race results.



What works well:

  • the images make it easy for fans and other people interested in the results to find their favorites
  • all the detail is provided, showing metrics most people will care about
  • pilots are ranked, letting me easily see who is currently at the top of the leaderboard
  • large font for pilot name and ID help me quickly identify the drivers
  • including kph and mph shows consideration for different audiences
  • including the pilot’s country flag is a nice touch, as well as the team name
  • highlighting the location and date of the most recent race


What could be improved:

  • I’d like to see a viz that shows me very easily how the pilots compare, i.e. how much faster was the first compared to the second, third, etc.
  • regarding the current results, I’d like to understand what pilots have to do in upcoming races to have a chance to win overall
  • I’d like interactivity so I can engage with the viz


What I did:

  • due to heavy work commitments that have involved a lot of  travelling, this really is a last minute job, which is not an excuse, but an explanation.
  • so here is a brief mobile-friendly overview of the different race locations and their characteristics


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