Makeover Monday week 43, 2017: The Myers Briggs Foundation: How frequent is your personality type?

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Taking tests that don’t rely on skill or knowledge and take only a few minutes AND give you an interesting result…? I’m in. So I took the Myers Briggs test again. I can’t remember my previous result, but this time it was pretty clear and also what I expected.

For this week’s Makeover Monday we’re looking at the frequency of different personality types as identified through this test.

The original viz is a table that doesn’t spark much joy in my eyes, but that’s the point of our weekly challenges.


What works well:

  • including the actual values with their range provides good reference points
  • as most people would look at this after identifying their own personality type through the test, they are likely looking for a specific type as described by the 4 letter acronym. So having these without additional information is sufficient to answer the question of ‘how frequent is your type?’


What could be improved:

  • how are the different types ordered? It looks to be S vs N in the columns, but why? What are the commonalities in each column and row?
  • where can I get more information? This viz is a simple image without any links to a more comprehensive description of the individual types or even the questionnaire
  • The description below the image doesn’t seem to match the viz:
    Looking at this table, you can see the most common types across the bottom two rows and in the left two columns.
    ENTJ is one of the rarest types, but is in the bottom row.
    ISTP and ESTP aren’t that frequent either. They are in the left two columns while ENFP in the third column is more frequent. So I find this confusing.


What I did:

  • at first I wanted to create a quadrant in Tableau. Then I looked at my plan for the rest of the day and the week and realised I needed an easier approach.
  • I was inspired by the following viz because it takes me back almost 8 years when, during my induction with 80 other graduates at Deloitte, we did the test and grouped in the corners of the room according to our colour…

Image result for myers briggs quadrants

  • I like that each type has a label and description, but I still wanted to answer the frequency question, so I ended up creating a hybrid version that shows the label and description in the tooltip
  • Andy wasn’t very impressed with my viz this week but I overruled him and only made one minor change to include my own type in one of the tooltips 🙂
  • while I don’t love what I created, the result is what I wanted to do from the outset, so I’ll leave it at that

Click on the image to interact on Tableau Public


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