Makeover Monday week 46, 2017: The World’s Top Cities for Sustainable Transport

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I just returned from my trip to Finland and Sweden.┬áIn Stockholm I used the Arlanda Express, which travels between the airport and the city and it was a rather pleasant ride on a train that had really unique interior design. It was more like sitting in a stylish but minimalist lounge or office than on a train. Seats with grey fabric covers, wooden window sills, large luggage compartments. It was great and I am not surprised (based on my very limited experience with the city’s public transport network) to see Stockholm listed in the top 10 cities for sustainable public transport.

This week’s Makeover Monday looks at a dataset of 100 cities around the globe and how they rank on the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index developed by Arcadis.

The Top 10 viz published by Statista and included in an article on looks like this:



What works well:

  • The title is pretty self-explanatory and supported by a good subtitle as well as a footnote for further explanation on how the index was calculated
  • Data sources are included
  • The colours, icons and flags are appealing and capture my interest
  • The flags are great for easy recognition of where each city is located (should people not know)
  • It’s kind of a bar chart so the general audience will be able to read the chart quite easily


What could be improved:

  • The bar charts are made to look like the front of a train which distorts them. Where does each bar end? At the pointy end or where the ‘nose’ of the train starts?
  • The icons are taking up valuable space. I don’t mind having the icons on the viz, but they could be moved to the title instead
  • Colours could be simplified. Between the flags, bars and icons there are a lot of colours in this viz


What I did:

  • a very quick viz. Building this chart took 10min. Formatting the dashboard took 20min and 10 uploads until Tableau Public finally showed the viz the way Tableau Desktop did. Not happy as I had to compromise on some ideas, but whatever.
  • A makeover of the chart so it’s more to my liking now. Simplicity, a bar chart, simple numbers and city names
  • I kept a bit of the original colour in the title and as you can tell, I’m totally digging ALL CAPS at the moment



One comment

  1. I love Stockholm, went there on my honeymoon as part of a Scandinavian trip. We also took in Oslo and Bergen in Norway and Copenhagen in Denmark. Stockholm was definitely our favourite though as we liked the islands.


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