Makeover Monday week 50, 2017: Barrier Free Singapore

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Monday is almost over so here is a quick submission from me. This week we’re working with Tableau Singapore and a dataset they recently used at an Academic Day in collaboration with the Building & Construction Authority in Singapore. We’re making over this viz:

What works well:

  • The online version let’s me select the area I want to have a closer look at
  • The colours grab my attention
  • The icons reflect the idea of friendliness


What could be improved:

  • The original viz only works with Flash enabled – so much for accessibility…
  • It’s too busy for my liking with too many colours, symbols and overlapping features like the image of the actual building
  • I couldn’t get to view all buildings on the map


What I did:

  • Instead of trying to find a story in the data, I wanted to focus on making a more accessible visualisation. Barrier-free to me goes beyond level floors and elevators within easy reach. It also means making information more accessible
  • I chose a simple colour palette for my viz overall
  • Using a high-contrast mapbox map keeps with the colour scheme of grey, white and red (salmon)
  • Having the regions on the map as an interactive filter should make it easy to narrow down the results for viewers
  • Large font and icons and a very limited number of results (top 3) below the map, as well as simple filters with radio buttons are meant to encourage people to follow the simple instructions to get access to the information they need
  • I deliberately switched off tooltips and made the action a click rather than hover, considering that this was designed for people who may need a bit more time to process information (visually, conceptually, etc.) and who don’t need the distraction of things popping up unexpectedly.

Click for the interactive version

Barrier Free Singapore.png

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