Makeover Monday week 2, 2018: What do women want?

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For this week’s Makeover Monday we’re using a dataset which both Andy and I wanted to use, but I added it first to our spreadsheet. Then he begged me to give it to him, so I agreed and in the end, he gave it back to me after using it for his last #WorkoutWednesday last week. Yup, that’s how things work at MM HQ and basically in the end I get what I want.

Which is the perfect segway to this week’s topic where I look at the question ‘What do women want?’

The dataset comes from and has survey results that contain people’s responses to the question “Thinking about your personal preferences in a romantic partner, how would you prioritise each of the following characteristics?”

The original visualisation aims to show the responses through this chart:


What works well:

  • The title calls out a key finding of the survey in a plain English sentence
  • The colours are distinct and easy to differentiate, they’re also engaging
  • The titles for each chart (women and men) are simple and easy to understand
  • Using one chart for each gender avoids potential complexity and given the similarity makes comparisons still possible
  • Using the same order of characteristics so the colours are always stacked in the same order


What could be improved:

  • Having the characteristics only listed in the colour legend makes it hard to analyse the results. As each colour represents a characteristic described in a sentence, it’s too much information for me to remember so I keep looking up and down constantly to make sense of the charts
  • The word ‘Ranked’ is unnecessarily repeated for every row. The chart titles already indicate that we’re looking at ranks, so this could be simplified
  • While the subtitle contains the % symbol and those familiar with data and survey data in particular will understand that the numbers are percentages, it is not clear to lay-people and my assumption is that the publication is for the general population, so it would help to show more clearly that all numbers are percentage figures and each row and each colour adds up to 100%


What I did:

  • The dataset provides plenty of options to go broad or deep, but I wanted a narrow focus.
  • I like being a bit cheeky with my titles and playing with words, so I wanted a catchy title
  • I had the idea for ‘what women want’ and also found the pattern in the highlight table visually impactful
  • I spent most of my time formatting and deciding on colours, borders and shape of the cells (rectangular or square?)
  • I actually really enjoyed building this viz, so here is my result…


Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 2.28.35 pm.png

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