Makeover Monday week 10, 2018: What Policymakers know about Women and Girl Issues

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This week we’re collaborating with Equal Measures 2030 and Tableau Public for International Women’s Day, using a dataset that shows how well policymakers across different countries are informed about five particular issues relating to women and girls.

The original visualization shows how far off from the right answer policymakers were when asked to estimate their countries performance on 5 different indicators.

week 10 original.png


What works well:

  • The legend below each chart, explaining how to read it, helps make this survey data more accessible for the audience
  • The reference band clearly shows how far off most respondents are with their guesses
  • The country labels are nice and prominent, the subtitles clearly state the indicator in question


What could be improved:

  • It isn’t clear what unit the y-axis has and as this report is targeted at a broad audience, not just data savvy people, it would be helpful to include a % label somewhere, especially as the axis ends at 90 (100 could possibly be self-explanatory as percentages).
  • The scales should be the same magnitude to make things comparable
  • If the legend on how to read the chart were displayed at the top it would not need to be repeated for every chart
  • Showing 4 different countries on a different indicator each makes it impossible to compare the countries. It would be better to show the countries across the same indicator to see whether there are differences between policymakers and their estimates
  • The overall title isn’t very descriptive
  • Without the context of the report, the visualizations will not be easy to understand simply because the metrics and the survey approach needs to be explained


What I did:

  • Admittedly, I am completely spaced out because of jetlag, so I decided to focus on doing a genuine makeover, improving the existing chart based on the critique above
  • I chose to
    • Focus only on Maternal Mortality Rates to make the country responses more comparable
    • Exclude Kenya because two policymaker responses were extreme outliers, so I included Senegal instead (artistic freedom!)
    • Simplify the color scheme and call out actual maternal mortality rates in red while keeping the remaining elements in grey
    • Include annotations with an observation for each country
    • Format my tooltips nicely, but they show up very differently on Tableau Public compared to Tableau Desktop
  • And here is the result:

Maternal Mortality Rates.png

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