Makeover Monday week 35, 2018: Wearable Technology

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Thanks Andy for making it easy for us this week with a simple bar chart to make over, looking at wearable technology and which body part we attach devices to.

Here is the original:

What works well:

  • Sorted in descending order from most common to least common location
  • Simple bar chart, with basic labels and large numbers. Don’t really need much more
  • Title is short and self-explanatory
  • Data source and creator are included

What could be improved:

  • Why pink? Nothing in the article or on the website makes me understand this color choice and it seems unnecessarily bright. Something a bit toned down could work better
  • The pink label ‘Wearables’ on top of the bars seems superfluous
  • The small dashes between the location labels and the bars are unnecessary

What I did:

  • A viz in a single sheet, comparing wearables for your wrist to those for other parts of the body
  • A small viz that focused on the essentials
  • A new style for my footer

Wearable Tech.png

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