Makeover Monday week 40, 2018: Avocado consumption

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Avocadoes are quite easily the tastiest fatty fruit I know. They’re amazingly delicious and finding a perfectly ripe avocado always feels like a major accomplishment.

This week Andy gifted me a dataset about avocado prices, and it’s a nice and simple one. Here is the original viz:

Avocado Prices

What works well:

  • The title is simple, the subtitle is explanatory making it very clear what this viz is about
  • The avocado is eyecatching and makes it pretty obvious what the data is about even before I read the title
  • The gridlines help to track the price line over time

What could be improved:

  • What currency are these prices in?
  • What is the timeline? It says Feb-Aug 2017 but where are the different months? The x-axis should be labeled
  • The image is very distracting
  • A green image behind a red line makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for people with color blindness to see the data points, i.e. the line
  • Where are these prices? Are they across the country and if so, which country? Are they for a region, a city, etc.?

What I did:

  • I slept on it. I started my analysis on Sunday afternoon but didn’t get anywhere at first. Then I found out that the web data connector had returned only two years worth of data, so I decided to tackle it with fresh eyes in the morning (and with the downloaded csv file)
  • I had started with an analysis of consumption over time and once I used all the data I noticed significant spikes every early February.
  • A quick google search of why does avocado consumption spike in february? helped me find this article which confirmed that the spikes were linked to a specific recurring event. The Super Bowl. So I googled the past game dates and it all lined up so very nicely.
  • I have to say I am feeling rather pleased with myself, especially because I could never tell you when Super Bowl is or what people eat during it.
  • So with that, here is my viz for this week:
    Click to view on Tableau public

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