Makeover Monday | Week 13 | 2019: Consumer Spending by Generation

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For week 13 we are using a viz about consumer spending by generation, using data that indicates what people spend their money on and how it differs depending on how old they are.

What works well:

  • A stacked bar chart that goes to 100% makes it easier to compare the different categories
  • Sorting the generations from youngest to oldest in ascending order
  • The color legend is sorted the same way as the bars

What could be improved:

  • There is too much color, so nothing really stands out and the chart looks quite noisy
  • There is no information contained in the chart that indicates what the insights are, what the data means.
  • The gridlines are unnecessary
  • The labels don’t need to include a decimal point, whole numbers would be sufficient

What I focused on:

  • I’ll admit to feeling very uninspired this week. What more to do than a bar chart?
  • I’m on the road again, traveling, so I needed to build something simple and fairly quick
  • I decided to bring in my own opinion as the data reflects how I spend my money and I connected that to my lifestyle which is pretty mobile, being here there and everywhere, spending little on things and more on experiences.

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