Makeover Monday | Week 17 | 2019: Stephen Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings

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Andy found a great dataset for this week’s challenge: rankings of stadium popcorn at NBA stadiums across the US.

It’s in an article by the New York Times and here is the viz itself:

What works well:

  • It’s a great viz of the ranking with clear labels and scores
  • I really like how scrolling down in the article freezes the column headers so you still know what each column relates to
  • The title is clear and succinct
  • The scoring is simple
  • The white borders for each cell make the viz look neat

What could be improved:

  • I’m not a huge fan of the color, I’d go for something more in the yellow and golden range
  • I’d love to see some conclusions, such as ‘most teams score high on xx but low on yy’ or so. Something that makes me as the audience think a bit further about the data

What I focused on:

  • I started by looking at Andy’s visual vocabulary for some inspiration for rankings.
  • I tried a few different approaches but nothing excited me and I really liked the original.
  • So I redid it in Tableau, without adding too much fuss to it.
  • One addition is to be able to sort the teams by total score or alphabetically, making it easier to find a team in the list
  • Here is my viz, click to view the interactive version

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