#MakeoverMonday | Week 38 | 2019: Positive Impact Events – SDG Commitments by the Events Industry

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This week #MakeoverMonday is collaborating once again with the team of the SDG Action Campaign ahead of the Global Goals week during the UN General Assembly.

A survey was opened to respondents from the events industry to measure their commitment to sustainability, relating to the different SDGs.

The original viz shows the responses for the different goals:

(full viz here)

What works well:

  • The colors and icons reflect the SDG branding
  • The filters look neat and are positioned at the top, a location where users are likely to expect them
  • The tooltips are neat and responsive
  • Each SDG has its own section
  • The text for each action commitment is listed in full

What could be improved:

  • There is no context provided: what are we actually looking at and why should we care?
  • It is unclear what the action commitments are and what the different colors of the stacked bars relate to
  • The suggested actions are difficult to understand

What I did:

  • Looking at my critique of the original, I decided to add a little bit of context into my viz but to still keep it very simple overall.
  • What I found interesting – and hat tip to Steven Watson for exploring that side of the data – was how many people responded that they want to take action on a specific topic but didn’t know how to.
  • I decided to strip away all the other information and let the ‘helplessness’ stand on its own, because that is an issue that needs to be addressed if we as a human race want to have any chance of making a change.
  • Here is my viz:

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