Makeover Monday | Week 41 | 2019: Donations accepted by political parties in the UK

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For week 41, Andy chose a dataset about donations accepted by political parties, published by the electoral commission. The visualisation is an interactive Tableau dashboard, but it’s far from best practices and screams for a makeover…

Here is what it looks like:

What works well:

  • The small titles for filters and summary figures are helpful
  • The y-axis starts at zero
  • Political parties are sorted in descending order from those who received the most funding to those who received the least

What could be improved:

  • There is no title but this viz definitely needs one.
  • The bubbles should be changed to a neat and simple bar chart.
  • The colors need to be simplified – multiple parties are represented by the same color and I doubt that – for example – the Green Party would be keen to be shown in the same color as the Brexit Party.
  • The bar chart needs to be rotated so that labels can be clearly seen.
  • The labels on the bars are confusing. They are not the amount donated but the number of donations – a chart title would make that much clearer.
  • The summary figures can be changed to nice large numbers to make them stand out.
  • Rather than having a quarterly filter, there could be a timeline where users can dynamically select the period they are interested in.
  • So what? What’s the verdict, the conclusion, what does the electoral commission want me to do with this information? And where is the interesting stuff?

What I did:

  • The original viz made me want to create a genuine makeover, addressing some of the points I made above.
  • Focused on key questions: what, who and when?
  • Here is my viz… Click the image for the interactive version

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