MakeoverMonday | Week 44 | 2019: World Cities Ranked by Annual Sunshine Hours

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Before winter really takes hold, let’s look at some sunshine hours in cities around the world.

Here is this week’s original:

What works well:

  • Captivating visual that makes me curious
  • The bar charts at the bottom are nice
  • Top 5 lists at the beginning are useful

What could be improved:

  • Who is actually able to read, let alone understand quickly the top chart? I am not a huge fan or hiding data, information and facts in artistic charts that are not accessible because of their design
  • It’s actually all a bit too colorful for me. What do the colors mean and why are there so many of them?
  • Ranking would be easiest done in a bar chart

What I did:

  • Having lived in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, I always find myself drawn to the difference in latitude and the impact it has on climate and weather.
  • So I painstakingly added the missing latitude values for ambiguous cities and then divided them into North and South.
  • I decided to annotate my line charts for noteworthy cities.
  • Click the image for the interactive version.

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