#MakeoverMonday | Week 45 | 2019: Las Vegas Convention Attendance and Visitor Traffic

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For week 45, Andy selected a dataset about Las Vegas. It contains a number of metrics, including visitor numbers, gaming revenue, occupancy rates, etc.

This is the original viz

What works well:

  • The bar chart is simply and easy to read
  • The line shows an interesting relationship between the dip in convention attendance and visitor numbers
  • The axes are labeled

What could be improved:

  • There are dual axes but while they’re both in millions, the units are not the same (one axis from 0-50m, the other from 0-7m)
  • The colors are pretty bad. They’re from Excel, I’m pretty sure and they are just really unpleasant to look at
  • The year labels would be much easier to read if they were rotated the right way up
  • The gridlines add unnecessary clutter

What I did:

  • Having a number of measures to work with, quickly led me to a scatterplot.
  • Adding years and creating a connected scatterplot seemed like a logical step
  • I like that the connected scatterplot so clearly shows the ‘backwards trend’ in visitor numbers and gaming revenue during the years of the financial crisis.
  • I added annotations to ensure the data points that stand out are described for anyone looking at the chart
  • Click here to check out my viz.

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