#MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 41: Data assets and data culture

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For week 41, Charlie found a whopper of a chart that is in such desperate need of a makeover. After last week’s excitement around #data20, this week should see us all relax a little and go back to business.

So here is this week’s visualization from DataIQ, who published a report looking at data assets and data culture, which included this chart about the industries of the survey respondents:

What works well:

  • Nothing.

What could be improved:

  • Add an actual proper title that explains what this is about.
  • Use a bar chart or even a treetop (if you must) instead of this awkwardly sorted (i.e. not) circular bar chart that adds zero value. The only actual information is in the color legend.
  • Go easy on the colors. There are too many colors and too many similar ones. Three shades of blue, three shades of grey, two very similar reds. Who did this???
  • State data source information.
  • Basically: start again.

What I did:

  • This data lends itself perfectly to a bar chart, which is why I created the below. Nothing special about it, just a simple bar chart with labels.

One comment

  1. the thing I found confusing in the data is that they had 103 respondents. – I find the percentages they indicate interesting.
    so, imho, this is not data that says anything about anything, as the sample size is ridiculously small.
    I love the way you indicated this in your subtitle: nothing to learn here, except who responded to this very small survey

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