#MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 42: Health spending

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A quick viz this week and a quick blog, looking at health spending per capita in different countries. I’ll admit, I wanted to do a heat map before even looking at the data, so a heat map it is.

This week we’re looking at OECD data about healthcare expenditure and this is the original viz:

What works well:

  • While I prefer horizontal labels for categorical data, the country names are easy enough to read
  • Various filtering options are available and with a bit of looking at it, you can tell what’s pre-selected
  • The symbols for total, compulsory and voluntary are clearly labeled

What could be improved:

  • At first I thought this was data over time because it goes left to right and the close proximity of each dot almost makes it look like a line.
  • It is unclear what period this data relates to
  • There are a lot of buttons surrounding the viz and distracting me

What I did:

  • I focused only on compulsory spending because it levels the playing field somewhat: voluntary top ups are nice but not something everyone has to do or can afford to do, so let’s look at voluntary expenses.
  • I created a heat map to show a change over time but also the stark contrast between the US and all other countries that were in the dataset and had available data for the given years and indicators.
  • click on the image for the interactive version

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