#MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 47: Why America’s debt doesn’t stop growing

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This week is, much like many recent weeks, a busy one for me with many commitments that mean MakeoverMonday had to be delayed by a couple of days. But here we are, ready to build a viz about the debt of the US.

The original infographic Charlie chose for this exercise comes from here

What works well:

  • The entire article is pretty informative and the visuals are generally engaging
  • Nice big title
  • Annotations are helpful
  • big numbers and well-chosen colors

What could be improved:

  • The question in the title is answered further down in the infographic, in a second chart that could potentially move higher up to provide this answer earlier
  • The 3 bars on the far right are all for 2020 and suddenly bars represent months, not years – that is very confusing
  • I find the dual axis chart difficult to read with the dark blue line over the red bars

What I did:

  • Two measures? Surely I should do a scatterplot.
  • I ended up doing exactly that with the aim to explain the differently shaped sections of the chart.
  • I asked Charlie and Andy for feedback and found out mine is very similar to Andy’s – whoops!
  • So here it is, click on the image for the interactive version

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