#MakeoverMonday Week 7 2021: What’s the point of Valentine’s Day?

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When our data upload day falls on Valentine’s Day, it makes for a very obvious choice of topics. So this year for #MakeoverMonday week 7 we’re looking at survey data about Valentine’s Day and the perception people have of the purpose of the day.

The original viz comes from Statista:

What works well:

  • The title grabs my attention.
  • The different responses are simply worded.
  • The colors are clear.
  • Nice simple bar chart.

What could be improved:

  • The color combination of pink and blue is so sickeningly stereotypical and I hate seeing it in data visualization.
  • The overall design looks very busy with the heart shaped image and the colored and branded footer.

What I did:

  • For this dataset I created a simple scatterplot with a 45ยบ line to show which reasons matter more to women versus men.
  • Click on the image to view the interactive version on Tableau Public.

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