About Me

Helping others grow their skills and enhance their professional careers. That is my mission as Tableau Zen Master, Makeover Monday co-leader and co-author.

During the day, I lead the Business Intelligence team at Exasol and drive community engagement as the company’s Tableau Evangelist. I give talks, present webinars and create content around data analysis, data visualization and the best practices related to these topics.

And the passion for data doesn’t end there – #MakeoverMonday, the popular social data project I run with fellow Zen Master, Andy Kriebel, has become a global initiative to help data analysts improve their skills, build their portfolio and grow their professional network.

When I’m not sitting in front of a screen, I can be found swimming, cycling or running, traveling the world or making chocolate truffles.


I’d love to hear from you and have you join our global data community, so head over to Twitter and be part of it: #MakeoverMonday



  1. Hi,
    Is there a way in Makeover Monday to see various makeovers of just1 dashboard/workbook along with the original?
    Thank you


  2. Hi Eva,

    I am a data science student. I am working on a project analyzing economic data of honey production with bee colony losses. I came across your post on Bee Colony loss (https://trimydata.com/2018/04/30/mm2018-week18/) then followed it to the data.world to download the data. How did you pull bee colony loss data off of BeeInformed.com? You data visualizations are amazing!

    If you have more information regarding the Bee Informed data set, I am very interested in learning.

    Thank you,



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