My books

I am a passionate community builder and data visualization expert and have captured these two topics in my books.

Empowered by Data
How to build inspired analytics communities

In my latest book I share practical advice for building an analytics community in your organization, taking you through the entire journey from start to finish. How do you establish your community’s purpose? Who should be part of it and who will be driving the activities and outcomes? How do you plan a meet up or a full-day internal data conference?

I answer all these questions and more, sharing many case studies along the way, so you can meet community leaders and change-makers, as well as organizations that have realized the potential of their people as individuals and collaborators around data and analytics.

Whether you’re a decision-maker, a data practitioner or have just taken your first steps in the world of data – this book is for you and can help you become a data champion in your organization or nurture your people into becoming community builders.

Improving how we visualize and analyse data, one chart at a time

After a year of jointly hosting the global social data project #MakeoverMonday, Andy and I had collected numerous data visualization best practices and countless visual examples from the community to collate them in a book that reflects this passionate and giving community.

Bringing together our data visualization expertise and the lessons learned from over 52 weekly data viz challenges, we share the portfolio of skills and knowledge a data analyst should accumulate over the course of their career. Ranging from developing good habits when working with data, to building design skills, sharpening your analytical skills and understanding what chart type to use for different scenarios, we share a large variety of examples (in color!) from the #MakeoverMonday project.

The book also highlights those who contributed to #MakeoverMonday over time and helped us shape the project into the global movement it is today.

Read front to back or use as a reference, or even as a coffee table book.