Tableau blogs from the community

The Tableau community can proudly call many excellent people its members and many of them have their own blogs where they write about all aspects of data visualisation, data analysis, best practices, enterprise deployments, advanced analytics and everything in between.
I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of these people in person at various Tableau events and value their opinions and the information they share, so if you want to access these blogs, you can find a list below:

VizWiz – Andy Kriebel

If you haven’t seen, heard of or read from Andy, you must be living under a rock ;-). He has been a Zen Master for 5 years now, blogs extensively on and, has been a speaker at Tableau conferences many times and runs Makeover Monday, which he started as a personal project in 2009 and turned into a social data project in 2016.

During working hours, he is the head coach of the Data School where he trains the next generation of data experts together with his colleagues from The Information Lab.

Check out his blog to find endless tips and tricks for Tableau visualisations, learn more about story telling with data and to find new challenges to get involved in to become a better data analyst yourself.

Twitter: @VizWizBI

The last Data Bender – Alan Eldrige

Like maps? Want to visualise lots of cool geospatial data and push Tableau to its limits in the process? Then check out Alan’s blog for really cool tips and tricks and some step by step instructions on how you can learn them all.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of Alan’s presentations at Tableau Conference, make sure you do because he’s great at teaching the technical details.

Twitter: @aeldridge



Eye See Data – Mac Bryla


Mac had the biggest influence on my data viz style as I started to use Tableau. He was the only technical expert around and thankfully was always happy to help as I took my first steps with Tableau Desktop v7.1.

Mac also blogs about data visualisation concept and shares his own vizzes.

You may have seen his really cool data story which he recorded as a video. Tell me about Will explores Australian data for cell phones and internet usage through a storypoints visualization.

Mac often presents at Tableau Conference and his talks are very engaging and funny, so try to get a seat at the next event!

Twitter: @macbryla

Gravy Anecdote – Andy Cotgreave

As Tableau’s Technical Evangelist, Andy has contributed immensely to the Tableau community over the years and I think most people who have attended Tableau Conference or Tableau Conference on Tour will have met Andy at some point.

He joined Andy Kriebel for Makeover Monday 2016 and manages the Zen Master Program at Tableau Software.

He generously shares what he knows and I love listening to his presentations on data story telling. If you’re lucky, he may even show you a magic trick or two. Prepare to laugh a lot.

Check out Andy’s blog for inspiration, resources, tips and tricks and everything in between.

Twitter: @acotgreave

ivisualize – David Pires

On his blog David shares tips and tricks around Tableau but also writes about general data visualisation concepts and ideas.

Check out his blog posts on data visualisations he has created and published to Tableau Public – there are some stunning examples which will surely inspire your own work.

David also happens to be a really nice and helpful person, always happy to share what he knows to help you figure out the data challenge you’re facing.

Twitter: @davidmpires


Viz Ninja – Paul Banoub

Paul is an absolute expert when it comes to Tableau Server, so if that area interests you, definitely add his blog to your reading list.

Paul is part of the team that organises and runs the London Tableau User Group, a meetup that happens every 6 weeks and brings together the local community as well as a number of speakers presenting on various topics, plus it’s always a good opportunity to socialise with fellow Tableau users and enthusiasts.

Paul is also one of the Zen Masters for 2016/2017 and writes about establishing Tableau Centers of Excellence within organisations.

Twitter: @paulbanoub


Wannabe Data Rock Star – Matt Francis

Matt blogs about Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, data visualisation concepts, little Tableau tips and big solutions to pesky dataviz challenges.

He has developed Tableau courses for Udemy and and is always willing to help and share his knowledge with the Tableau community.

I first saw Matt on stage at #data15 in Las Vegas where he presented on using colour in data visualisation. I can’t think of anyone else who could make 321 PowerPoint slides in 60min such an engaging and funny talk. If you have the chance to see Matt speak, don’t miss it!

Twitter: @Matt_Francis